~ Blend of color and air ~ UTO original "four heather threads"

Different from the standard cashmere threadUTO original "Four heather threads

Many customers are impressed with the knit items made from four heather threads, saying, "Once you wear it, you will not be able to wear other knits, and it has a unique, slimy feel."

This "unique touch" loved by everyone and the "deep and elegant heather color" produced by the four heather threads have a secret only to UTO.

"Four heather threads" means "4 single threads with different colorsIt is a twisted thread.

For example, we make a knitted sweater by twisting four colors of gray charcoal forget me knot chamois into a single yarn.

A general sweater is woven with "double yarn" that is made by twisting "two single yarns".
UTO "Four heather yarn" uses twice as much yarn as it is luxuriously, and since it contains more air than double yarn when twisting and knitting, it feels like a luxurious thick and airy slime. There is a feeling ...I can't express anythingIt features a unique and superb touch!

The color is also different from the color of ordinary heather thread!

Since "4" and many colors are blended, it is a deeper heather color than 2 or 3 colors.

Although it is a casual item among UTO products, the depth of this color makes the casual atmosphere of heather very elegant.

The elegant casual cashmere knit is perfect for those who have a basic to buy next!

The encounter with the four heather threads was triggered by the visit of the president, Uto, to a spinning company that was indebted to me.

I learned that the spinning company owned single yarn instead of twin yarn, and at that time, a person from the spinning company said, "Then, if you twist single yarn of a different color, you can make an interesting yarn!" That's good! ”He worked positively.

After that, we made trial and error by sticking to the color and texture that does not impair the quality of cashmere, and completed the current four heather threads and knit items.


Every year at UTO, everyone at the head office twists four different single yarns and develops a new four heather yarn happily, saying, "This is good! This is delicate." Lol

The four heathers are "thread beauty"

Even if the color of the thread is good, the atmosphere of the product is often completely different.
It is one of the pleasures to develop yarn with that in mind, and of course it fails ... On the contrary, when it comes to knitwear, the color becomes surprisingly good.

The reason why you can play with such risk (in a good way!) With the finest cashmere yarn is because UTO has its own factory and can be made to order.
"Four heather cashmere knit" has become a luxurious original product that can only be made by UTO.


It's a little strange when it comes to play products, but "Yotsu-Mori" is a thread full of mysterious charm that makes everyone happy, both the creator and the customer.