[Aftercare service] Refresh high gauge (A)

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Refreshing UTO products (washing-finishing)
In the atelier that makes the product, we do laundry-natural drying-finishing.

Target product: High gauge (12G) product made by UTO
This applies to basic pullovers, vests, medium length cardigans and turtlenecks with "thin" threads. Please check the product page as well.
If you do not know the gauge or type of your product, please contact us.
You can also take a picture of the product and attach it to an email. In that case, please send us an image that shows the whole picture and stitches.

After applying for the service purchase, please send the product to our head office (Minami Aoyama) by a traceable method.
In this case, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer (prepayment).
After checking the product, we will work at our factory (Kitakami).
Once completed, the product will be returned at our expense.

Custody period
About 2-3 weeks after receiving the product

please note
  • It will be a preferential price for those who have registered the product.
  • If you have not completed the registration, we will return it to the product registration by accepting the registration of the customer information entered when applying for this service. Select "Accept product registration".
  • If you do not wish to register the product, please select "Reject information registration". We accept at regular price.
  • The registered information will be handled in accordance with laws and regulations and our personal information protection policy.
  • You can change or delete your registration information by email info@uto-knit.com or by phone 03-3498-2230.
  • Regarding our personal information protection policy,HereYou can check at.
  • Only our products can be accepted.
  • This refresh is the same washing process as our product finishing process.
  • Please note that old stains and stains may not be removed.
  • Please note that we cannot accept products with woven stalls or fur (fur, mink pompoms), etc., as they cannot be washed with water.

[Aftercare service] Refresh high gauge (A)